Handmade by a Geek

I embarked upon my journey in stamped metal jewelry in May of 2013. My husband surprised me for my birthday with a stamping kit that had everything I needed to get started: bench block, hammer, stamps, and a variety of stamping blanks. I was hooked!

Since then, I've been puttering around in my craft room, stamping this and that, not really having anything particular in mind. Then one day a few weeks ago, my daughter mentioned she wanted a geeky metal bracelet. Literally... a copper cuff stamped with the word GEEK. I laughed and went shopping for bracelet blanks.

Fast forward to March 2014, and I decide to apply my own personal geekiness to items I hope other geeks like me will enjoy. While brainstorming names, my daughter suggested Geek City, and I morphed it into Geekocity ("quality of being a geek!") and splashed Creations at the end for fun. I have a good friend who runs her own geeky shop and goes to comic and pop culture conventions, selling her wares at the artist tables. I really never thought I could do something like that, but I truly love helping and watching her craft her goods. Now I can have that same pride and enjoyment making my own items!

Thank you for visiting my shop.

Stay geeky, my friends!


My husband recently (Jan '15) was laid off from his job in the oil field industry. While it's wonderful to have my oil field husband home now, finding a new job in this economy has been rough on him the last few months. We decided to expand my original business and branch into supplies, with the hope of one day the both of us can be fully self-employed.

Now I'm working with my husband to provide quality metal blanks and jewelry making supplies for other people who, like me, are looking for supplies for their creations. And thus, GC Supplies was created!

We are an official reseller of ImpressArt and The Beadsmith tools and supplies, and we're always looking for other quality supplies to bring to our customers.

Most of our blanks, besides the more intricate shapes, are cut right here in our home. We cut, corner by hand, and tumble our blanks to bring you that handmade touch that will work great with your handstamping projects.

Checkout our supply shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GCSupplies

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